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This framework incorporates the existing Minimum Information for Studies of EVs (MISEV) guidelines and Minimum Information about a FC experiment (MIFlowCyt) standard in an EV-FC-specific reporting framework (MIFlowCyt-EV) that supports reporting of critical information related to sample staining, EV detection and measurement and experimental design in manuscripts that report EV-FC data. [Publication | MIFlowCyt-EV Template]

A fundamental tenet of scientific research is that the published results of any study have to be open to independent validation or refutation. The Minimum Information about a Flow Cytometry Experiment (MIFlowCyt) establishes criteria for recording and reporting information about the flow cytometry experiment overview, samples, instrumentation and data analysis. It promotes consistent annotation of clinical, biological and technical issues surrounding a flow cytometry experiment by specifying the requirements for data content and by providing a structured framework for capturing information.. [Publication | MIFlowCyt Template]